We anticipate the needs of our clients and impress guests with beautiful music.


Rum Runners Jazz provides exceptional music for Weddings, Corporate Events, Galas, Non-Profit Events, Bar/Bat Mitzfah, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, and other occasions.

We deliver service which anticipates the needs of our clients and music which elevates the experience of their guests. Jazz is the core of our repertoire, but our versatile musicians can mix and match genres with ease. We can provide Country, Bluegrass, Classic Rock/Soul, World Music, Pop, Latin, Klezmer, Italian, and Broadway styles. Our focus is on small ensembles, so we do not provide large dance bands. Ideal settings for our music include: Cocktail Hours, Dinners, Receptions, Wedding Ceremonies, Showers, and Engagement Parties.

The primary goal of our initial consultation is to learn about your needs and determine whether or not Rum Runners Jazz will be able to meet and exceed your entertainment expectations. Once we’ve discussed the details of your event we present a quotation. The quotation includes the type of ensemble, playing time, repertoire, and performance fee. We often present multiple options if a client is still deciding between various ensembles. All of our bookings include a two-page contract outlining our agreement and the details of the event. After the signing of the contract and receipt of deposit we remain in close contact as the event planning continues. We correspond with any other event planners, venues, or vendors throughout the process to make sure that the event is a complete success.

Our process

1. Consultation

1We begin by learning about the details of your event. Some people know right away what kind of group they’re interested in booking, but we are also glad to offer complimentary consultation on the different instruments and ensembles as well as our repertoire. The venue, number of guests, and your description of the ideal music and mood are all helpful factors in determining the ideal band and program for your event.

2. Quote and Contract

2Based on our conversation we will generate a quote for your event. Oftentimes we will offer two or three different options based on different ensembles or performance times. We are happy to discuss this over the phone or through email.

We always provide our clients with a two-page contract. One of the best things about the contract is that it sets out all of the core details of the event and makes sure that everyone has a mutual understanding of the booking. We accept checks and credit cards for the deposit required to complete the booking.


3. Final Preparations

3It is essential to stay in close contact with the event coordinator in the days or weeks leading up the event. Throughout this time we review any event itineraries as well as offering unlimited email and phone correspondence to sort through any final details.


We’d love to hear about your special event!

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