Solo Guitar Wedding Ceremony Ideas

  • Solo Guitar:The acoustic guitar's simple elegance provides just the right emotion at all the key moments of your ceremony.
  • NYC solo guitar with playlist from real weddings.

Solo Guitar Wedding Ceremony
The elegance and timelessness of the solo guitar make it a great choice for both traditional and non-traditional ceremonies. We work closely with the couple and the officiant to create the perfect solo guitar wedding program. Here are a few suggestions based on real NYC weddings:
Prelude: Bach’s Loure is a great choice for a prelude piece. The simple melody really calls out to your guests and lets everyone know that something special is about to take place and the slow tempo has a soothing quality that helps to calm any pre-wedding jitters and pull the focus of the room toward the beauty around them.
Processional: Other than “The Wedding March” aka “Here Comes the Bride,” this Canon is arguably the most popular processional. There are many great choices, but this is always a favorite.
Featured Music: This music can be used in between a reading or at any other meditative point in the ceremony. We really encourage couple’s to express themselves in this selection, and we’ve included three very different examples in this playlist. Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma” is full of passion and mystique, “Angeline the Baker” has a beautiful folk quality, and “I Won’t Give Up” is an instrumental version of the very popular and very wedding appropriate Jason Mraz song.
Recessional: Canarios is a light and joyful piece. It is full of energy and the perfect music to skip down the aisle as a newly married couple!

**If your ceremony is taking place “on-site” live music is absolutely essential. Not only does the music add to the personality and warmth of your ceremony, but our musicians can provide essential cues for both the couple and your guests with a level of accuracy and flexibility which cannot be achieved through recorded music.

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