Speciality Ensembles

  • Instrumentation:Trios and Duos with instruments like mandolin, accordion, and clarinet
  • Styles:Jewish and Italian Music
  • Listen:
  • Live music to reflect your unique cultural heritage.

Special events are all about who you are….

Rum Runners Jazz has always taken pride in being able to tackle any special request for music from a client’s cultural heritage. Although these ensembles can be hired for an entire event, oftentimes we will perform with a jazz group for the majority of an event and then our versatile musicians will transition to this speciality repertoire at the right moments. We’re proud to say that we’ve built up our repertoire over the years through special requests and research to fulfill our clients needs. As a sampling we’ve included a few favorites both from the Italian and Jewish Traditions. As you can hear in the examples, instruments like Mandolin and Accordion really make this music come alive!


Like What Your See? What special music is meaningful to you?

We love to learn what music would really set your event above the rest

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