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When someone hires a live band they should experience beautiful music and flawless delivery.
Jazz is our core, but we love to perform classical, folk, pop, rock & soul, latin, and many of our client’s special requests.
While most agencies focus on large dance bands, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality music and service in ensembles for cocktail hours and custom wedding ceremonies. We focus our talent and expertise on one single thing: creating an elegant and effortless experience while planning and performing live music.


Our Core Values:

  • World Class Music: We are not a “typical wedding band.” Our musicians are not only acclaimed artists in the NYC Jazz scene, but professionals who understand the skills needed to excel in fast paced world of events.
  • Make Sure the Music Matches Your Room: We are extremely sensitive to volume, keeping the time between songs to a minimum, and making sure that the mood is appropriate.
  • Be Sharp, Look Sharp: The only thing worse than a late band is a poorly dressed band. We love to perform in dark tailored suits and we’re happy to talk about any special wardrobe requests.
  • Plan, then Plan Again: We are extremely detail oriented when it comes to planning for your event. We try to plan everything from where to load-in, where to store cases, how to exit, and of course who to look to for any unexpected program changes. That said, we feel that it is important whenever possible to get these answers from the other professionals on the event and to work hard to make sure that nothing frivolous should bother our clients on the day-of.
  • Be Flexible: We are musicians, so improvising is a way of life! Need a last minute cake-cutting song? Have to split the band between two rooms because an ipod died? Can we play a horah? Yes, We’ve Got It.
  • Have Fun: Events are fun, guests want to have fun, live music is fun, and music simply sounds better when the musicians are having fun! Maybe we’re old school, but smiles and friendliness seem to welcome the guests and tell the room that this is a special day. The work comes beforehand, on the day of the event we play.

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